The Men’s Guide to Oxford Shoes

In terms of men’s shoes, Oxford shoes are always the best option. With its elegant style, it has a dapper touch to the outfits for centuries as well as continues to do so these days. Ideal for looks that range from smart casual to formal, Oxford shoes are timeless and versatile. In fact, such shoes are a staple for all gentlemen, regardless of their preferred style. 

If you are new to using Oxford shoes and you don’t know how, when or what to wear, make sure to read below:

Oxford shoes are considered as dress shoe
Oxford shoes are considered as dress shoe

What Are the Commonly Available Colors of Oxford Shoes?

Black Oxford Shoes

Almost every man in the world has a pair of this Oxford shoe. Basically, black Oxford shoes are the number one color to wear for your business attire. It’s also versatile that it can be styled with almost all colors for a conservative and polished look.

Brown Oxford Shoes

These Oxford shoes are an ideal choice when paired with a navy, brown or grey suit. Instead of wearing black, brown Oxford shoes are more striking once paired with such colors and you’ll stand out visually.

Brown Oxford Shoes
Brown Oxford Shoes

Tan Oxford Shoes

It is a prominent shad in terms of men’s footwear. Due to its light and dark tones, it’s one of the simplest colors you can style with since it goes with everything. Tan Oxford shoes are also the best option for a less formal style and may be worn with bright colored chinos, tailored navy pants, and denim trousers.

Outfits When Wearing Oxford Shoes

Jeans and Oxford Shoes

Even if Oxford shoes are considered as dress shoes, it does not mean that you cannot wear them with your jeans. As a matter of fact, Oxford shoes may look stylish with any jeans outfit as long as you wear these clothes right.

How To Wear Black Oxfords Shoes – The Only Dress Shoes Men Need

To nail this kind of look, pay attention to the color of your jeans and shoes. While a pair of tan Oxford shoes appears smart with blue jeans, black or brown designs may pair better with dark denim. Moreover, to ensure that your look is appropriate, see to it that you balance your shoes with a blazer on top or a button-up shirt.

Chinos and Oxford Shoes

For a smart and stylish casual look, chinos and Oxford shoes can make a great choice. To keep your outfit coordinated, just pick basic colors for every piece. For example, chinos in brown, black, navy or brown may suit black or brown Oxfords. Aside from that, you have a choice of what you like to wear. To achieve a dressy look, consider using a long-sleeve button up. You may also choose a short-sleeved shirt for a relaxed appearance.

Pants and Oxford Shoes

If you are wearing trousers or suit pants, Oxford shoes can make a great footwear choice. Because of their sophisticated and sleek aesthetic, such shoes are an ideal partner to any formal outfits. Whether you are attending a cocktail event, wedding or heading to work, this kind of footwear style can be an ideal choice.

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