What to Do After Your Bowen Therapy Treatment

The Bowen therapy treatment is often called the fascial release technique for a reason. This form of treatment works through stimulation of the fascia of the patient’s body. Continue reading below to learn more about this unique form of treatment. 

Bowen Therapy at a Glance

The fascia consists of connective tissue surrounding the bones, organs, and muscles, which in turn facilitates flexibility and movement.  

Dehydration, scar tissue, tension, and trauma can all limit free movement between the different body parts which can then cause discomfort and pain. You have to keep in mind that the fascia, together with your ligaments, muscles, and tendons, holds your skeleton right in place instead of the other way around.

Bowen therapy treatment explained! Experts share their views.

You can stay upright not because of your unstable skeleton but rather because of the intricate combination of the soft tissue that acts on the skeleton. Since the fascia offers support to your spine, it directly affects your posture.

Through the stimulation of the fascia to eliminate abnormal tension, the fascia and muscles become more effective in working together to encourage the spine to achieve a better position that helps eliminate pain and improve posture at the same time. 

It’s quite interesting how a lot of clients claim that they feel somewhat taller at the end of their Bowen therapy session. It is the direct effect of the Bowen movements that freed the body of unwanted tensions. 

Now that you know what Bowen treatments are all about, here are some of the top things you should do to make the most out of your session. 

Don’t Forget to Exercise

You can continue with your gentle and comfortable exercise routine unless you have been advised to do otherwise. 

Remember to exercise, but do not do excessive exercise for the first 48 hours after your Bowen therapy treatment or exercise your body is not used to. Avoid exercise that could be the culprit for your imbalance.

Avoid Cold and Heat 

Don’t use heat pads or ice packs just yet throughout your Bowen treatment session. 

Stick to the Recommended Diet and Medication 

Make sure that you don’t switch or change any of the diet regimes or medications prescribed to you. 

Be Careful with Your Movements

During the days right after your Bowen therapy treatment, avoid sitting still for over 30 minutes at a time. Going for a little walk around your room to stretch out is all that you need to ensure that things keep moving. 

Drink Your Water 

See to it that you drink a minimum of five glasses of still water daily. Water is crucial after your Bowen technique session. Once the treatment is over, your body begins to experience an increased supply of blood to the nerve endings. In turn, this will affect the lymph movement around your body. 

For these systems to function more effectively, they rely on water and the recommendation is for patients to drink at least 2 litres of water daily on average. 

Potential Responses to the Treatment 

Responses to Bowen therapy treatment sometimes include body pains and aches, headaches, cold and hot flashes, tiredness, thirst, and emotional release. All of these are positive signs of a working healing process. Don’t worry since these responses often clear after several days so you can go back to your normal routine like nothing happened.

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