Universal car roof bars

Versatile solutions for transporting equipment and winter sports

Universal car roof bars are an essential accessory for winter sports enthusiasts and those who wish to carry heavy or bulky equipment on the roof of their car. These bars offer a versatile solution for transporting skis, snowboards, kayaking equipment, bicycles and more. In this article, we will explore how universal car roof bars work and how they can be used in combination with car ski racks.…

air conditioning compressor

What makes the car air conditioning work

Not all car components and auto parts are known. But we know one thing: when it’s hot and the air conditioning doesn’t work, we have a big problem. What we want to give today, therefore, is to tell you a little more about how air conditioning works and one of its lesser-known parts: the climate control compressor.…

Oxygen sensor

Red Flags of a Failing Oxygen Sensor

Your vehicle’s oxygen sensor is responsible for measuring the levels of oxygen in exhaust gases that exit the engine. The Powertrain Control Module or PCM uses this information to identify the right air to fuel ratio in real time for your engine.

The sensor can be found in the exhaust system. It lets the engine timing and fuel injection to work efficiently that helps with emissions control. The oxygen level sensor will then transmit the data to the PCM of the vehicle to retain the optimal ratio of air and fuel for the vehicle engine. 

A failing or bad oxygen …

Constant velocity joints are found in the wheels of a vehicle that turn

5 Types of Constant Velocity Joint

The CV joint or constant velocity joint helps in the process of transferring power from the driveshaft and transmission to the wheels of the vehicle. To be more specific, the constant velocity joints make it possible through those variable angles existing between the wheels and the driveshaft. This way, the rotating angled joints won’t have any effect on the rotational speed of the vehicle’s wheels since there won’t be any friction than there could have been if the joints were straight. 

The constant velocity joints are found in the wheels of a vehicle that turn. This means that if you …

Car boot mat is a synthetic mat to protect car boot or trunk

How to Pick Best Boot Mats for Cars?

A car boot mat is a synthetic mat to protect car boot or trunk against damage from dirt or spills. It also shields the carpets of the vehicle from damage. Hence, if you have a car, you want the best car boot mat too. There are multiple choices to pick from when it comes to boot mats. You can pick one universal mat or get a customized one. Further, many car manufacturers provide boot mats as extras with the vehicles. From another context, you can buy mats in different materials: rubber, styrene-butadiene, thermoplastic Elastomer, low-density polyethylene, or polyester.…