Go Au Natural with Aura

Going natural is the thing right now and Aura Cosmetics caters to those looking for natural makeup and skincare products that they can add to their routine.

The Company in a Glance

The brand focuses on cruelty-free and highest quality professional skincare items perfect for home use that contain essential oils, natural herbs and natural ingredients whenever possible. This makes these products ideal even for people with the most sensitive skin. The products under the brand already earned numerous accolades and are the top choice among professional cosmetologists, day spas, and facial clinics.

Aura Cosmetics blush
Aura Cosmetics blush – Glorious Cheeks

Aura sells award-winning and certified made in the USA anti-aging natural skincare products that are being sold and used in homes and facial spas. You can also choose from classic makeup and mineral makeup selections in their online stores. 

The company carries a lot of exciting products and colors and they only keep very small quantities in stock of each of them to guarantee their freshness. They recommend that you ask them ahead of time if you want large quantities of one color to ensure that they have enough stock to avoid any back order or additional shipping charge. 

The colors of makeup from the brand are available in cool and warm undertones shown in four color groups called Seasons. 

Aura also has a special line of high quality pressed and loose mineral powders placed in no mess compacts as well as gluten-free and mineral-based lipsticks. They also have hand baked Italian minerals. 

The classic makeup line of the brand includes traditional face, eye, lip, cheek, powder, and brow bronzer together with mineral selections. 

Meanwhile, their mineral makeup includes elegant pressed and hand baked mineral powders for eyes, cheeks, and eyes as well as mineral based lipsticks and loose minerals. This special lineup is free from paraben, allergen, gluten, and talc. 

The Brand Rules 

Aura takes prides in their cruelty-free skincare and makeup as they don’t conduct animal testing. The brand also never had any automatic reorder subscription program. They also don’t send out samples that put customers on automatic reorder programs. Instead, their customers can reorder when and if they choose to do so. The secure online checkout of the brand also accepts debit and credit cards. 

Video: Aura Cosmetics Browmatic Eyebrow Defining Pencil – Dark Brunette

Aura Cosmetics is under the ownership and operation of Linda Rocheleau. Linda is a professional makeup artist and color analyst who has multiple sensitivities to the harsh perfumes and chemicals.

The company only specializes in anti-aging natural makeup and skincare products and they don’t sell hair or perfume products. 

Only the most natural ingredients are being used when possible with powerful stabilized essential oils, natural plant extracts, vitamins and antioxidants. Again, there are no animal testing and harsh preservatives. 

As the demand for natural makeup products become more and more in demand, Aura keeps up with the increasing needs of women who prefer to use products that won’t cause any harsh reactions on their skin and at the same time, won’t pose any dangers to the environment.

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