What Should Be in A Make-Up Kit?

Makeup artists have a huge collection of versatile beauty products and it a not a small feat, after all, they are artists. A non-artist can also build her makeup kit that can serve their makeup requirements at the best. Here is the complete guide what anyone would possibly need for her face, eyes, and lips to add beauty to them. Here is a complete list of carefully selected essential beauty products that you need to build a makeup kit.

Makeup Prep Mist

Prep mist is used to prepare cleansed and moisturized face for makeup. Only a few spritzes of Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water or the Urban Decay Quick Fix Hydra-Charged Complexion Prep Priming Spray reactivate reactivates skin cells and boost skin for makeup application.

Makeup Prep Mist
Makeup Prep Mist

Face Primer

Face primers smooth the skin and add some radiance. They also help to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and imperfections. Few recommended primers for a dewy, blurred finish are Urban Decay All Nighter Matte Face Primer or the NYX Professional Makeup High Gloss Primer.


These are applied before foundation to hide dark spots, hyperpigmentation, redness, and dark circles. Palettes are the best options to add in your makeup kit as they provide various shades and hues to correct skin tone, but if you have a specific problem like the dark circles, a solo hued formula can serve the purpose.


It is the must-have beauty product to be in a makeup kit as being the base of all makeup. There are various formulas like sheer liquid, cushion compact, or full-cover formula and you can decide about the right one as per your skin type.


Blushes are one of those desert-island products that can give you either the pop of colors of apple cheeks or the revived 1980s trend of full-on draping. There are plenty of shades of pink, nude, purple, or red available and you can add any pallet to your make up kit that gives you a heartwarming beauty blush.


These illuminating or strobing liquids or powders are dedicated to enhancing the bone structure of your face. They are used on the high points of the face like top of cheekbones, bridge of the nose, and along with brow bones. Add a highlighter by NYX or Maybelline to your kit to glorify your features.

Shadow Palette 

The most versatile beauty product with unbelievably astonishing colors, shades, and hues are these eyeshadow palettes. Some are neutral in tone, others are more vibrant, bright, metallic, or glittering pigments. You could not have enough of them as every palette is worth buying but consider your skin tone and most used colors while adding one to your vanity.

Eyeliner Pencil and Mascara

These are other essential beauty products to be added to your makeup kit. They make your eyes pop. You can dot in between your lashes with the sharpened tip, rim your water line, and can create smoke with them. Having a black and brown pencil is a must and you can also have other bright colors if you need it. Mascara is the beauty weapon that no woman leaves the house without hence, you don’t dare, too.


The makeup look is never complete without lipsticks. There are matte lipsticks, lip gloss, cream or satin lipsticks, liquid lipsticks, and glitter lipsticks available in all colors. If you are preparing a mini makeup kit, add a shade of red and pink to serve the purpose or consider your face and lips tone to decide. 

If you add the above-stated beauty products in your makeup kit, these are enough to get you ready with grace anytime and anywhere.

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