How to Pick Best Boot Mats for Cars?

A car boot mat is a synthetic mat to protect car boot or trunk against damage from dirt or spills. It also shields the carpets of the vehicle from damage. Hence, if you have a car, you want the best car boot mat too. There are multiple choices to pick from when it comes to boot mats. You can pick one universal mat or get a customized one. Further, many car manufacturers provide boot mats as extras with the vehicles. From another context, you can buy mats in different materials: rubber, styrene-butadiene, thermoplastic Elastomer, low-density polyethylene, or polyester.

It all depends on your budget and requirements that you actually want to have. But if you have no clue about boot mats and want to pick the best, here are some features you should consider before buying a car boot mat.

1. Waterproof

If you frequently carry wet or muddy outdoor equipment, or you have a dear pet you keep always with you, you should definitely choose a waterproof liner. Waterproof automotive rubber mats prevent liquids from seeping into the fabric of your car boot.

Car boot mat
Car boot mat is waterproof

You can avoid smell and stains by picking a water-resistant boot mat. Obviously, most of the car boots are made with waterproof materials but the difference comes from the shape. So puck one that fits best and has raised edges to stop water from traveling to the edges and spoiling your car.

2. Anti-Slip

Similarly, anti-slip mats (Withcar) stop items from moving around during transportation. It also provides some strong grip for your pet. Mostly, the mats are anti-slip but their edges are not that efficient in this regard and they are vulnerable to dirt and stain. In that case, the best option is to get a full, custom-made boot mat. An underside texture can help to make your mat anti-slip.

3. Heavy-Duty

Heavy-duty strong boot mats provide two-way protection. They protect the load you put on them and the boot of your car too. Specifically, if you regularly pack cumbersome items, you need a boot mat with sufficient strength to avoid wear, rip or exposure of certain parts of your boot. 

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4. Easy to Clean

Another property you must take care of is easy cleaning. Most rubber mats are not easy to clean. They can be wiped down but their patterns nada ridges capture the debris. You have to remove the mats entirely to clean them properly. A boot mat with non-absorbent, wipe-clean material can facilitate cleaning.

5. Easy to Fit

A lot of universal boot mats need to be cut to size to fit in your space. Most probably, trimming the mats result in cutting the raised edges and still may not fit in the car. So, the mat fails to provide the desired protection. 

In light of all the above features, the best option is to get a customer-made car boot mat for your vehicle. The custom-made boot mats are properly fitted and have adequate patterns and raised edges to provide the best protection experience.

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