Types of Summer Caps

Summer caps are one of the summer-wears that immediately come in your mind at the beginning of summer. They are not less than swim shorts, Cuban collars, and sunglasses when it comes to sun protection. This potentially stylish wardrobe addition is a fine investment for the right head. There are multiple cap styles and you can pick the best for your looks after reading this article.

Baseball Cap

This popular cap with first developed by the Brooklyn Excelsior in 1860. By the end of the century, it was used in sports to the extent that it became a regular menswear staple. Today when someone thinks of the cap, they are mostly imagining the baseball cap, with half football cut penal and a headpiece. A variation of this cap is recently introduced as ‘dad cap’ that is very less changed excepts the front structure that is a bit smaller now.

Summer caps: Baseball Cap
Baseball Caps were first developed in 1860

Till 1990, this cap was the best complementary wear with tie-dye T-shirts and baggy jeans. Today it is for the streetwear look, too. You can opt patterned or slogan designs with T-shirts, slim jeans, and joggers or can try minimal plain color cap made of premium wool or cotton with a shirt and tailored short.

Five Panel Cap

This cap design is something between classic cycling cap and a baseball cap with five stitched panels and slightly shorter, straight peak as compared to the baseball’s longer, curved version. It became popular in a very short time and today you can spot the thing at every major high street brand.

Summer caps: Five Panel Cap
Five Panel Cap as summer cap

Although the cap design was championed by Supreme, you never need to be a skater or a streetwear obsessed hype beast to get one for you. It goes great with a white T-shirt and some navy pleated trousers.

Train Driver Cap

It is also named as engineer cap, railroad cap, field cap, and fatigue cap. It was first introduced as a part of the standard-issue uniform of the army in 1943 and it has served on the battlefield. The style was made even popular by Fidel Castro and Chris Martin, still, it is less popular than the aforementioned summer caps.

There are multiple variations in the cap designs. You can pick Khaki Train driver cap, stripped train driver cap, or they stylish Denim Train Driver cap. These caps also come in leather and can be paired with leather jackets.

Trucker Cap

These caps are considered to be cheaply-made caps that started their life as a promotional freebie that was given out at American gas stations in the 1960s. surprisingly this promotional gift is again in trends now. Today’s hype brands such as Off-White and H&M are taking interest in the cap and this is a reviving fact for the long-gone cap’s comeback in the market. The design is taken from the baseball cap with a mesh rear half. The front half can be used to display logos and slogans or the emblems of your favorite sports teams.

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