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SEO can be a daunting task, but there are a few things you can start with today to help with your efforts. The best way to get already-published content into Google is through content farms, sites which host content for many other websites. These sites create blogs, websites, podcasts, videos, and other content. The publications are registered by individuals or companies, and the editors look after the articles coming through.

Be sure to read up on how sites like these work, as we’ll be focusing on an explicitly example of a content farm below, but be sure to practice common SEO best practices in your own work if you decide to become one yourself. Content farms receive around three times as many users as the most popular search engine on the internet, Google. It is entirely possible to start one now, and by the end of this article, you will be able to see how it works.

Users want to know what content is relevant to what they are searching for and where relevant in search results lists. When you distribute your content through a content farm, then your users are more likely to see the relevant information. If your content is relevant to the search query, people will generally want to see it, so make sure that you have genuinely prepared content that serves the purpose for which it was created. Articulating clearly what you do and the benefit to your audience will help with SEO.

A keyword is considered a label or a word used to describe an expression or a topic. Keywords are the term used to describe an overall topic or feeling that somebody would be interested in searching for. Let’s dive straight in and learn more about keywords. An SEO keyword is a term that describes an SEO term or technique used to optimize a web page before it is published to the internet.

An SEO keyword is a piece of text, usually more than one word, that relates to the subject of a web page. A search engine will attempt to match an SEO keyword with the relevant topic it matches, much as a doctor might examine a patient or police might interview someone about a crime, to help search engines learn about what your page is about, when it should be indexed, and how to best index or serve your page to internet users. SEO keywords can also be more specific topics than just the general terms used to describe terms as broad as “snowboarding”.

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