Common Classifications of Mulchers

Mulchers are basically designed as a unique piece of equipment for clearing yards and gardens. However, aside from the usual small lawn mulcher, you can also find those high-performance types that are being used for tougher and more heavy-duty tasks including clearing heavy foliage, bush, and sites for construction. However, these bigger machines are still classified as a type of mulcher.

But, how many mulcher types are you familiar with? Read on below to know more about the different kinds of mulcher that you can find in the market right now:

Commercial Mulcher

A commercial mulcher is the most common type of mulcher than can be seen in many construction sites today. These machines are mainly used for more difficult tasks in places including most construction sites and clearing sites for new buildings. 

Commercial Mulcher
Mulcher mulching trees

In general, these mulchers are very large and are made of heavy-duty and durable steel purposely crafted for more rugged usage. A commercial mulcher is also very powerful when it comes to horsepower. 


A dual-purpose mulcher is a type of mulcher that features in a built-in chipper or shredder feature. These machines are often preferred by some people because of their ability to do and handle several jobs at the same time.

Every time a dual-purpose mulcher cuts the grass, grass clippings get deposited to the shredder and there, these are cut further into tinier pieces that can then be used as nutrient-filled mulch for your plants. 

Electric Powered Mulcher

An electric powered mulcher is the type of mulcher that is meant to handle simple and small clearing jobs. Electric mulchers tend to be quieter because these machines run on a motor and they don’t cause pollution. These are also more environmentally-friendly. An electric powered mulcher can also work on smaller lawns and typically as far as the power cable could reach.  

Freestanding Mulcher

A freestanding mulcher is a portable unit that has an opening shaped like a funnel and many of these machines are usually made of plastic. What makes this specific type of mulcher different from other common mulching equipment is that this is fed with debris and leaves where this can quickly chop them into smaller particles. These chopped grass clippings can then be used as nutritional mulch for plants. These machines are also affordable and flexible. 

Gas-Powered Mulcher

This next type is a very powerful machine that uses gasoline as a fuel to power up the machine. These machines are mainly used to clear bushes, heavy foliage, and tree limbs. These mulchers are available in various sizes that depend on the specific condition of the land or site that requires clearing.

Lawn Tractor Mulcher

The last but not the least, lawn tractor mulchers are small mulcheer attachments commonly used for lawn mowing. These are mainly preferred because of their efficiency in the sense that they can work fast on large areas in a short period time. These can also cut grass clippings into smaller particles that could be used for nourishing garden plants and vegetation.

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