Why Go Sailing in Croatia in September?

Sailing in Croatia in September is said to be the best option because the weather is cooled compared to other months of the year without being too cold. September is also the ideal month if you wish to avoid large crowds in tourist destinations and marinas. 

To give you a good idea, here are some of the reasons why sailing in Croatia is best done during September:

Crowds are Smaller 

Small Croatian villages and towns on islands are often fully or partially closed down during winter months since tourists are the primary income source in these destinations. 

High season can last until the end of the month of August although areas don’t begin closing up for winter until the final days of October. 

Sailing in Croatia in September - Sibenik
Sailing in Sibenik, Croatia

This means that sailing in Croatia in September lets you experience all the things that the country has to offer when it comes to tourist attractions, national parks, and restaurants without the flocks of tourists they get during summer months. 

Marinas are also quieter, giving you easy mooring access without other boats waiting to dock at a similar port as you. 

More Events Await You

Croatia has large numbers of festivals and events held throughout the year across the country. Things are not different when you sail in Croatia in the months of September or October as the summer months slowly come to an end with most events just getting started. 

Visualia Festival, Pula

There are several summer events that take place during September. These include the Split Summer Colors Festival that often features several artists. Others include Visualia Festival held in September in Pula, Outlook Festival, Lateen Sail Regatta, and the Dubrovnik Music Festival. These are all amazing events to check out when you go sailing in Croatia in September. 

Enjoy Cheaper Prices

It is often significantly cheaper to sail in Croatia during the months of September and October compared to sailing during peak months of summer in July through August. Charters during September that are often 20% up to 50% less than those during summer months which depend on the boat and week you chose. There are also many great last-minute deals for September sailing in Croatia. 

Ideal Temperature

September marks the end of Croatia’s summer season when temperatures start cooling down. Although the temperature decreases, it takes longer for the sea temperature to cool down. This is the reason why the air and sea temperature are pleasant for swimming and sailing without it getting too hot. 

Croatian summers reach high temperatures that can extremely warm up the sea and fans may be required in boats with no air conditioners to stay cool. 

However, when you sail in Croatia during September or October, the sea will feel more refreshing so you can look forward to enjoying a cozy and comfortable sleep at night in the boat even without air conditioning. 

These are just some of the many exciting reasons to go sailing in Croatia in September so you can have the most fun in the sun without the unwanted warmth. 

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