Best Things to Do Near Portorož Real Estate Properties

The coast of Slovenia is located where the Gulf of Trieste is nearest to Europe’s heart. This is where you can find Portorož, a gorgeous seaside spa and resort town. Also spelled as Portorose, the area is found in southwestern Slovenia, specifically in the Municipality of Piran. If you’re searching for a potential Portorož real estate property to buy, you’d probably be happy to know that many things are waiting for you there. 

Portorož in One Glance

Portorož is a health resort known in the local area since the 13th century when the Benedictines from the Monastery of St. Lawrence once cured some diseases using the mud and seawater from the salt pans near the area. 

This tradition is still alive in most of the region’s spa resorts. Due to the rather small size of the Slovenian coast, it’s best to visit and explore the areas on foot, including the towns outside Portorož.  

Slovenia real estate by the Mediterranean
In addition to the central hotel area in the bay, Portorož includes Fizine/Fisine along the coast towards Piran with the former salt warehouses Monfort and Grande, and the tourist settlement Bernardin along the western part of the Portorož bay, all the way to Fornač in Piran. You can surely find an appropriate Slovenia real estate in this area.

Once you do, you will realize that nothing can beat the experience of strolling down the gorgeous paths near the sea that lead from town to town where you can take in the gorgeous landscapes and views with the warm Mediterranean sun shining in the sky. 

Now that you’ve got an idea about Portorož in general, the following are some of the best things you should try when settling in your new property there.

Try Fresh Seafood Straight from the Adriatic

No one can blame you if you feel starved after exploring the town, so check out the restaurants in the area with their perfect seaside location. 

Portorož is a spa town on the Adriatic Sea and Slovenia’s most famous seaside resort, where you can find many good restaurants along the beach when searching for Portorož real estate.

The good news is that most dining spots have friendly and welcoming staff. Service is also quick, and most importantly, they offer delicious dishes. They have varied menus, and some even cater to vegetarians. 

The restaurants in the area offer their own specialties, salads, pasta, and even fast food. It’s common for dishes to be presented in lovely plating that adds a unique touch to the dining experience. 

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