All About Hunting Pants

Using the right gear can easily make or break your hunting trip and it is not only about the weaponry you have with you. Good performance is only possible if you are wearing comfortable clothes. Shopping for the right hunting pants for you is not really as easy as it seems. The best pair will keep you protected from a miserable, wet, and cold time out in the wild while still offering overall comfort and stealth.

Common Materials of Pants for Hunting

Most of the modern pants for hunting are made of nylon or polyester but there are also classic designs made of other materials such as cotton, wool, or jean fabrics at times. Most of these pants also have a combination of materials to guarantee rip resistance and durability and other things such as reinforcements, insulation, and Gore-Tex technology for extra protection.

Hunting pants for cold weather
Cold weather hunting pants

Of course, every material has its own set of pros and cons. For instance, most waterproof fabrics tend to be noisy when out in the field, exposing your location when hunting game.

Lightweight materials, on the other hand, are ideal for packing yet most don’t provide warmth. If your pant is more insulated, it is also less waterproof most of the time. Your chosen pants’ fabric composition must be compatible with the expected hunting conditions and must help you stay comfortable more than anything else. 

Different Types of Hunting Pants

Here are the different choices you will find when shopping for your pants for hunting:

Cold Weather Pants

A cold weather pair of pants is often heavier due to the insulation. These pants are mainly warm and waterproof and offer shelter from the elements. The main job of cold weather pants is to keep your toasty and dry during cold and extremely cold temperatures.

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These are usually reinforced in the knees or seat for keeping out snow and rain. These pants must be heavy enough for repelling cold while staying comfortable. Good quality cold weather pants are not just tough on the climate but can also resist tears and snags that can let in snow or cold air. 

Highland Pants

Highland pants tend to pay less attention to water resistance and must be more windproof and durable. These hunting pants are less water repellent and stronger but must remain tough and durable to endure things such as rocks, cacti, and briars. The best highland pants are light and breathable while staying generally quiet and strong at the same time.

These pants are often reinforced with knee pads and they let you stretch, crawl, and scramble as required in the trails. These must also be utilitarian, comfortable, and camouflaged for the potential  hunting area.

Lowland Pants

The lowland pants in particular require durability, warmth, and water resistance. With generally better wind coverage, these pants could be thin or thick. But if effective, these can be 100% waterproof for keeping you comfortable and dry in lowland conditions. 

Back Fire hunting pants are just what you need to ensure the success of your hunt each and every time.

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