Where to stay in Bled: things to know

Lake Bled and its namesake village are located in the Upper Carniola region of northwestern Slovenia.

This lake is the most popular tourist destination in Slovenia and receives thousands of domestic and foreign visitors every year. Bled is located near the Karavanke mountain range, near the Austrian border, about 50 km northwest of the country’s capital, Ljubljana. It is particularly known for the glacial lake of Bled, which makes it an important destination for Instagrammers from all over the world. But it is also the destination of several people who decide to move to Slovenia every year.

Real estate in the city of Bled

medieval Bled castle built on a cliff
Buy Bled real estate for a real-life fairy tale and you will have the chance to admire a medieval Bled castle built on a cliff overlooking the lake every day.

When choosing the best areas to stay or move to in Bled, the area bordering the lake is the most scenic and one of the most exclusive places.

The center of Bled is located on the eastern shore of the lake and is one of the most desirable areas.

This area is the liveliest part of the city and gathers most of the shops, restaurants, cafes and bars in the city, making it an excellent area to live in if you like to socialize and be close to everything. Some local and intercity buses stop in this area.

Vintgar Bled Full Tour Slovenia

The center is a great area to live in as it is equidistant from places of interest such as Straza Hill or the castle. Tours of the lake and Vintgar gorge can be booked in the shops in the area.

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