Linear Actuators

Linear actuators are motion actuators that help create linear motion in a straight line, as opposed to circular motion which happens when using classic electric motors. They are used where linear motion is required such as machine tools, in computer hardware like disk drives and printers and general industrial machinery. Most of the kitchen appliances and the ones used in everyday life use linear actuators to provide linear motion.

Why use Linear Actuators

Electric linear actuators are used to convert otherwise rotational motion of an AC or DC motor into linear motion. By simply pushing or pulling, linear actuators can help adjust, tilt, move, slide, drop, lift or push and pull objects.

Linear actuator LATT type

They provide safe and clean movement easily controlled by the operator. In addition, linear actuators are very easy to use and install. Linear motion is created using lead-screws that can turn both clockwise and counterclockwise, thus creating a nut that helps the screw to move up and down as the screw turns. This is how linear actuators provide linear motion.

Mechanical/Electromechanical linear actuators

The mechanical or electromechanical are used to make rotational motion into linear. These linear actuators are different only by the power source, which can be internal or external. The electric linear actuators are used more than other types. Simply because they can be applied in various situations, plus they are easy to operate and maintain.

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Other types of Linear Actuators

There are different types of linear actuators but we can sort them in 4 categories: mechanical/electro mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic and piezoelectric linear actuators. Hydraulic linear actuators use pressurized hydraulic fluid. Pneumatic linear actuators use pressurized air or gas and piezoelectric ones use voltage to expand a type of material for example ceramic.

Hydraulic and pneumatic linear actuators are both initial types and have a limited range of their possibilities.

Piezoelectric linear actuators can be used for very fine positioning down to a sub nanometer range, making the smallest effort in motion. They can bear extreme loads of several tones.

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